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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $3,000.00
Total Raised: $11,722.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 30
Members Recruited: 59

Lace up your sneakers and join Seriously?!

Welcome friends, family, and fans of Rachel Banov Gould.

In February of 2011, Rachel was diagnosed with cervical cancer. During her treatment, she was inspired to participate in the National Race to End Women's Cancer and support the Foundation for Women's Cancer, which supports research, awareness, and education of all gynecologic cancers. In our first year of taking part in the race, Rachelís team, named for her blog of the same name, raised thousands of dollars. Just as important, she also felt a sense of hope as so many loved ones came together that day to support her.

Rachel died March 28, 2012, but we continue to honor her memory by racing (and walking) again this year. We also walk in memory of Rachel's friends, Linda Woods, who died of ovarian cancer, and her daughter, Patti Varney, who died of colon cancer later in 2012.

Last year, the incredible generosity of our team enabled the Foundation to publish new cervical cancer education brochures. Itís an everlasting tribute to Rachel.

To read more about Rachelís fight, go to

Please join our team, to help raise awareness and funding for below-the-belt cancers!

Team Members:
Total Raised$11,722.00  
General Team Donation$4,588.00  
Corrie Clark$345.00  
   Beverly Bacon$145.00  
   John Bacon$40.00  
   Julie Bacon$40.00  
   Alan Banov$609.00  
   Jessica Banov$358.00  
   Marla Banov$509.00  
   Olga Baturina$45.00  
   Jane Bergen$45.00  
   Leah Bergen$45.00  
   Barri Sue Black$245.00  
   Tyler Bronder$345.00  
   Cheryl Busch$45.00  
   Sandra Cave$215.00  
   Sara Coleman$45.00  
   Ashley Costello$170.00  
   Zachary Costello$45.00  
   Sharon Doner-Feldman$145.00  
   Albert Epshteyn$95.00  
   Myra Erhardt$95.00  
   Izzy Feldman$95.00  
   Yannick Garsany$95.00  
   Suzy Gebhardt$40.00  
   Christina Goldman$70.00  
   Ben Gould$328.00  
   Jay Govindan$40.00  
   Bonnie Greenspan$100.00  
   Gabrielle Grunau$45.00  
   Laura Hayman$145.00  
   Jennifer Henderson$90.00  
   Tom Hucker$40.00  
   Brian Hyatt$40.00  
   Brianne Kucerik$95.00  
   corey love$45.00  
   Gillian Love$45.00  
   Eliza Lowe$270.00  
   Amy LUSTIG$225.00  
   rabbi m bruce lustig$225.00  
   Karen Lyons$95.00  
   karen mcmanus$45.00  
   Sara Moomaw$65.00  
   Adrian O'Neill$94.00  
   Jack Pecoraro$140.00  
   linda pepper$45.00  
   Karen Purzitsky$85.00  
   Lauri Rodich$45.00  
   Karen Saunders$45.00  
   Lynne Schaffer$140.00  
   Rick Stroman$45.00  
   Ariele Stromberg$45.00  
   Daniel Stromberg$45.00  
   Alex Terray$45.00  
   Valerie Terray$45.00  
   Kristine Vega$100.00  
   Sarah Weisberg$45.00  
   Rabea White$40.00  
   Katie Wittenberg$45.00  
   Kevin Wurth$140.00  
   Sandra Zimmet$81.00  

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