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SGNO Nurses Team
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SGNO Nurses Team Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $3,000.00
Total Raised: $4,145.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 20
Members Recruited: 42

The 2012 race was outstanding!!

SGNO nurses-- let's show the world what we're made of! Join us on November 3rd in DC-- either in person or in spirit. This is one way we honor our patients, their families, and our profession!

Team Members:
Total Raised$4,145.00  
General Team Donation$325.00  
Amy Brown$255.00  
   Abigail Melody Bernabe$45.00  
   Maureen Bracco$45.00  
   Matthew Brown$45.00  
   Andy Campbell$40.00  
   Dawn Campbell$50.00  
   Grace Campbell$45.00  
   Tracy Carafeno$100.00  
   Danni Cheng$45.00  
   Christina Coppola$100.00  
   Melissa Delaney$95.00  
   Amber Door$75.00  
   Judy Dynan$90.00  
   Christina Ferrucci$170.00  
   Michelle Hass$70.00  
   Joan Hogan$170.00  
   Kinga Hyatt-Ordazzo$95.00  
   Lisa Kirby$45.00  
   DeLeslie Kiser$45.00  
   Eva Louie$45.00  
   Helen Lori MacLellan$45.00  
   Dona Maki$45.00  
   Roxanna Miller$1,000.00  
   Leigh Minchew$45.00  
   sheeja pappen$50.00  
   Sharon Perlman$0.00  
   Theresa Petrone$85.00  
   Carol Prone$45.00  
   jennifer reid$45.00  
   David Shank$45.00  
   Rachel Shank$145.00  
   Beini Slattery$45.00  
   Jim Slattery$45.00  
   Jennifer Strang$45.00  
   Laurie Thorner$45.00  
   Sarah Tonucci$120.00  
   Michele Walther$45.00  
   Terri Wheeler$45.00  
   Susan White$45.00  
   Lauren Willard$70.00  
   Vicky Willis$50.00  
   Chrisann Winslow$45.00  

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